LG U8360 Review

LG U8360-2

3G Excellence
The 3G LG U8360 on 3 really is the ultimate 3G mobile. It’s the first LG mobile with Bluetooth for cool hands-free calling and PC connectivity. It’s also the first with a 1.3 megapixel camera and external memory, great for shooting and storing quality pictures and videos.

262K Colour Screen  
The 3G LG U8360 on 3 is the fist 3G LG handset that has a 262K colour screen. This disply has amazing quality and clarity to make browsing 3G content and video calling a much more enjoyable experience.

The 3G LG U8360 on 3 supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity which allows the phone to communicate with other Bluetooth devices such as headsets, digital cameras and laptops without any wires and up to 10m away.

Third Generation
First there were big, clunky analogue mobile phones, then came 2G digital handsets, eventually followed by the first 3G video phones, big on features but also big on size.

3G LG is a Winner
The first thing that hits you about the 3G LG U8360 on 3 is size. Compared to all previous 3G video mobile phones, it’s tiny. Compared to current state-of-the-art 2G and 2.5G GSM phones it’s the same size. The 3G LG U8360 is yet another winner from LG.

Video Calling
Video Calling from 3 is live, two-way video communication between 3 customers, using your 3G LG U8360 mobile phone. Video Calling makes communication both practical and fun because you can now see people and show objects, surroundings and activities in real time as you talk.

Quick Map
Some of the most useful features of the 3G LG U8360 mobile phone are the Locate services from 3, A to B, Quick Map and Find. On request, your 3 mobile phone can work out where you are in Britain and then display your location on a clear, easy to read map using the LG U8360 high resolution screen. Even better, type in a destination address such as a postcode and A to B will give you a straightforward map and direction on how to walk there! In the future this will be expanded to include car journeys by road as well.

Find me a …
Using the same real-time location technology as A to B, Find has three options – all of which display a clear map of your location and what you want to find.My Nearest can find your nearest banks, cash machines, shops, restaurants and petrol stations amongst others. Business Finder can find the location of any of 2m businesses from the Thompson Directory and Quick Map allows you to map any address in Britain.

1.3 megapixel

The 3G 3 LG U8360 has a 1.3 megapixel digital camera for the best images and video recording When you need to capture a special moment. You can view all your images on the clear 262K colour screen. You can also record video and send it to another phone or PC anywhere and share your experiences with friends and family.

Huge memory
The 3G 3 LG U8360’s has a remarkable 22MB of internal storage, you can store a number of pictures and video clips, as well as store all you contact numbers ring tones and screen savers. The 3G 3 LG U8360 also has an expandable Trans Flash card slot, so you can save even more applications, images and video content on your mobile phone.

Bulletins is a video-only service from 3. It enables you to download news videos directly to your 3G LG U8360 mobile phone. There are three type of Bulletin: Headlines from ITN, in-depth special reports of the day’s biggest events and a Business roundup of the days highs and lows from the City.Built-in

You can send text, your pictures or voice clips from your 3G LG U8360 by MMS or e-mail to any other e-mail address, to another LG U8360 on 3, or to another MMS-capable phone.

Multimedia Messaging
Send your pictures over MMS, the Multimedia Messaging Service. It works like text messaging, except that you can send a picture, text, voice and even video all at once.
Snap a picture, write a short note, record a message, “This view is fantastic. Words fail me. Wish you were here.” And send it as a multimedia message from your 3G LG U8360.

Java technology

LG U8360
Thanks to Java technology, you can further enhance your 3G LG U8360 mobile phone with interactive, vibrant games, which can be downloaded and stored in the handset. They are easy to delete, so you don’t have to worry about cluttering up your memory.

Almost everyone has downloaded wallpapers and ring tones to their mobile phone at some time, and now with this added Java technology, this should provide hours of fun and entertainment for everyone.

A new sound
The 3G LG U8360 uses the new polyphonic ringtone technology. This produces a high quality ring tone that sounds incredibly close to CD quality sound.

Voice Recorder
The 3G LG U8360 on 3 is also a voice recorder. Use it for recording voice messages to send as part of a multimedia message. Record a memo to yourself, or record part of a phone conversation.

Triple band
The 3G LG U8360 is designed around an internal triple band antenna which allows it to be used all around the world, including Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

Sony Ericsson D750i Review

Open the Sony Ericsson D750i active lens cover and you’re ready to capture that special moment. You always have it with you. Your Sony Ericsson D750i mobile phone is a digital camera with excellent picture quality. And when you want to catch some action, this phone takes quality video. Perfect for holidays – phone, camera, and there’s an MP3 player inside, too.

The Sony Ericsson D750i is sold exclusively through T-Mobile and T-Mobile partner network operators.

Work and play with your images

Sony Ericsson D750i comes with easy-to-use image management PC software. Create multiple photo albums, add effects, send email with impressive images to anywhere in the world.


Sony Ericss on D750i is full of music. An RDS FM radio for quality entertainment around the clock and an advanced digital music player with your favorite songs. Games inside and online. You can enjoy the latest mobile games with impressive sound and graphics.


A synchronized calendar and advanced phone book with you at all times and all the messaging you need. Sony Ericsson D750i makes life easy.

Vertical, horizontal, always on top

Good looks with attitude. Vertical – it’s a phone. Flip the Sony Ericsson D750i over to horizontal, and it’s a camera. Dual front. Feel the balance, experience the ease-of-use. The Sony Ericsson D750i – power imaging stylishly packaged.

Digital Still Camera interface


If you’re into photography, you’ll probably recognise the camera menus and interface from Sony digital still cameras. Just slide the active lens cover open to change from the phone to the Digital Still Camera interface.

Crystal-clear Sony Ericsson D750i screen

The power imaging features of the Sony Ericsson D750i are done justice by the crisp, crystal-clear 176×220 pixel 262K TFT screen.


The light guidance function indicates which features are currently available for use. Slide the active lens cover open, and the camera button lights up. And check out the light effect when starting up or shutting down your Sony Ericsson D750i – synchronised, smooth, cool.

2.0-megapixel quality

The great 2.0-megapixel camera with Autofocus and 4x digital zoom delivers the best picture quality. Add the ability to shoot video clips. Bring your Sony Ericsson D750i on your holidays – in fact, take it everywhere you go, and you’ll always be able to catch the moment. In sharp, clear colours.

The picture experience

To further enhance picture quality and colour reproduction, the Sony Ericsson D750i has a built-in picture light. Works fine for both still and video capture.

Snap in the dark

Don’t let darkness put you off. Just snap on a Phone Flash MXE-60. This handy little accessory also has automatic red-eye reduction.

Total imaging


And when you want to manage, sort and store your images, use the Adobe® Photoshop® album software that you’ll find in the phone kit. Just connect your Sony Ericsson D750i to your PC and let the software transfer your images from phone to computer. Smooth and easy.

Store your pictures

Needless to say, you’ll want to store your best images. The Sony Ericsson D750i comes with 34MB of internal memory and is compatible with Memory Stick PRO Duo™, expandable up to 2GB.

Sharing with QuickShare

Take a picture, shoot a video. With QuickShare™, you’ll be able to send it to a friend anywhere in the world in just a few clicks.

Go for a paper copy

Snap a picture and get a print-out in an instant. Connecting to an HP printer is easy – use Bluetooth™ or a Memory Stick™.

Entertaining you

Time to relax, time for fun. Sit back and enjoy some music or video. Or straighten up and get ready for the thrills of 3D gaming. With 34MB internal memory and Memory Stick PRO Duo™ support, you can store all the fun you want.

Play music. Watch video.

Sounds and moving pictures are at their best with the Sony Ericsson D750i’s Media Player. Copying music from your PC to your Sony Ericsson D750i is easy.

3D racing with Motoraver™

Motoraver™ is a racing game with atmosphere and style. Get into your customised 70’s car and race your friends in the streets – in 3D.

Tune in to FM

Tune in to your favourite FM radio station. The Sony Ericsson D750i has a full-function RDS FM radio, complete with easy channel search and news notification. A portable handsfree is provided in the box.

Create with VideoDJ™

Get creative with VideoDJ™. Mix sounds, video clips, pictures and text. Store in your phone – or send as a fun message to friends and family.

Multiple options

Get synchronised, get connected. In your office or in your leisure time. Enjoy the versatility of the Sony Ericsson D750i anytime, anywhere. You have many options: Connect via Bluetooth™ Memory Stick PRO Duo™, USB cable or infrared.

Fast PC sync – plug & play

The new Fast port connector provides speed – enhanced connectivity with Sony Ericsson D750i accessories and faster PC synchronisation. Connect to your PC with the USB cable in the phone kit, and your PC instantly recognises your Sony Ericsson D750i as a new disk drive. Plug & play at its best – it couldn’t be easier to keep your calendar and contacts synchronised.

The Bluetooth™ connection

Bluetooth™ brings you wireless convenience. Connect to Bluetooth headsets or car kits, Bluetooth HP printers – or try the Bluetooth Media Centre MMV-200 and watch pictures and video clips on your TV screen. The MMV-200 can also be used to transfer music to your stereo.

File sharing

Transfer files to and from other devices. The Sony Ericsson D750i is compatible with Memory Stick PRO Duo™ up to 2GB. Sharing files with friends, colleagues and family is easy with QuickShare™ – all it takes is a few clicks.

BLACK NOKIA 8800 Review

At last, the wiat is over. Nokia have introduced the replacement to the popular Nokia 8910i – the Nokia 8800.

Discover the new Nokia 8800 handset. Created for your ultimate pleasure, its graceful looks and seamless functions will leave a lasting impression. Every aspect has been meticulously considered and precisely engineered; from the laser-cut curves of its steel-clad body to the state-of-the-art slide mechanism and fine-pitched screen with reinforced glass – this phone is a masterpiece. Let the exquisitely composed ringtones evoke your innermost emotions.

The Nokia 8800 Mobile is the ultimate high-spec, high-end fashion phone. Nokia have meticulously produced a handset that is sleek, luxurious and with a stainless steel case, built for durability. A specially reinforced glass provides added durability and scratch-resistance to the front display.


The pop-up mechanism of the Nokia 8800 Mobile Phone literally glides open to reveal the cleverly hidden SVGA camera, which includes video recording and streaming.

The Nokia 88000 handset includes an active TFT display with a 262K colour screen, in addition to a 3D image engine. This handset is compact at 107 x 45 x 17mm and has a solid feel, weighing in at 134g.

The Nokia 8800 features an integrated handsfree speaker, music playback functionality for MP3 and AAC encoded audio, and also integrates an FM radio along with Bluetooth for short-range connectivity. This is truly a stunning handset and a must for any individual who appreciates the latest handsets, striking design and a host of functions.

The Nokia 6230 mobile phone with Bluetooth™ functionality is for more than making calls and is equipped with the latest technology to keep you entertained.

It has a VGA (Video Graphics Adaptor), digital camera, video recorder and player so you can re-live the moment again and again. You are able to share special moments by sending and receiving messages containing text, a sound clip, and an image or a video clip to other compatible devices.

Watch and listen to pre-recorded clips with video streaming. Plus the music MP3 player for MP3 files means you can download your favourite tunes or just listen to FM radio. By far and away the Nokia 6230 is Nokia mobile phones most popular and best selling mobile phone to date.

The Nokia E75-3

The Nokia 6230 phone is one of the handful of small Nokia phones which feature Bluetooth. It is also one of the first group of handsets which have EDGE support – allowing for download speeds 4 times greater than GPRS. Also, the data NOKIA 6230 mobile synchronization capability allows users of the Nokia 6230 mobile phone to update personal data remotely over the network.

The long awaited Nokia 6230 has arrived. It represents one of the most accomplished mobile phones available, in a sleek stylish case.

In the NOKIA 6230 box comes 1 Battery, Mains Charger, Nokia 6230 User Manual, CD Rom, Personal Handsfree and Nokia 6230 32MB Memory Card.

Browse the Internet in rich full color, on a wide, easy-to-read screen. Work with office documents – not just letters and memos, but presentations and databases too. Get them from your corporate network via Wireless LAN or fast mobile access. The Nokia 9500 Communicator offers high-capacity built-in memory – 80 MB, plus a memory card slot for even more storage space.

Keep your Personal Information Management data in sync and up-to-date – with PC Suite and OMA Data Synchronization, you can easily exchange data between your Nokia 9500 Communicator and a compatible PC.


The Nokia 9500 Communicator offers you a full set of business applications; high-speed network connectivity and large data memory storage meaning you can take your work with you wherever you go. The Nokia 9500 phone supports all common software packages including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel as well as allowing you to send and receive emails and attachments.

Main features of the Nokia 9500 handset include a large colour screen and full QWERTY keyboard, 80 MB internal and MultiMediaCard (MMC) memory support, integrated digital camera (VGA) with video capability, tri-band operation for use on five continents and Bluetooth ™ wireless technology.

Keep personal information management data in synch and up-to-date with the Nokia PC Suite and OMA data synchronization. Easily exchange data between the Nokia 9500 communicator and compatible PC’s, PDA’s and Laptops.

More than just business applications the Nokia 9500 also supports a full range of multimedia capabilities including MMS, MPEG4, MP3, RealVideo and full Internet browsing capabilities.

NOKIA 7610 Mobile Phone Review

Define your style with the sleek Nokia 7610 mobile phone the perfect handset for high quality digital video and photography. Featuring an integrated mega pixel camera with 4x digital zoom and up to 10 minutes of video recording with an in-built movie director for image manipulation and production.

Key features of the Nokia 7610 phone include an impressive 65,536 color-display (176 x 208 pixels), Bluetooth™ wireless technology and USB connectivity with other digital devices, MMS, email, and Instant Messaging, Advanced XHTML browser and Tri-band coverage on up to five continents.

Personalise the Nokia 7610 mobile with a variety of downloads and services including the latest Java™ Games, polyphonic ringtones and wallpapers. Print your photos, surf the net, find the right route, read the latest sports and entertainment news with a great selection of third-party applications that support and enhance the operation of the Nokia 7610 camera phone.

The Nokia 7610 handset with its slim and unique shape really is an impressive phone for anybody looking for a sophisticated and elegant imaging mobile

Light up the night with a glow-in-the-dark cover – when it’s charged with light you can easily find your phone in the dark. When you get a call, the Nokia 3100 phone flashes in tune with your ringing tone. And when you snap on a Nokia Xpress-on™ gaming cover*, you’ll get luminescent light effects in time to the gaming action.

Nokia E72

Shoot a picture with the Fun Camera*. It comes with a flash so you can capture the fun indoors and out. Then just load the photos on to your Nokia 3100 phone, write a note, add a smiley, and share the moment with your friends.

Play the day away with the pre-installed Java™ games on the Nokia 3100 phone, including the all new Beach Rally. You can add and change the games when you feel like it thanks to Java™ technology, so when you’re ready for a new challenge, simply download new games to your Nokia 3100 phone.

The Nokia 3230 mobile phone is sleek, compact and stylish! Say it out loud after dark with ‘light messaging’, simply wave your arm from side to side and watch, as your words appear in mid-air. Capture your best performance with the Integrated VGA camera and video recorder.
Be dazzled by the lights with the Nokia 3230 X-press-on™ grips and a series of coloured LEDs pulsate to the beat of your ringtone.

This handset has all the right moves that a leader desires!


Get creative with the Nokia 3230 smartphone. Edit your raw video clips into slick, customized “muvees” complete with soundtrack, using the pre-installed software; then share your masterpieces with your friends. Create your own ringing tones, print your mobile images, play multiplayer games over a wireless Bluetooth connection, and browse HTML and xHTML Web pages. Plus, with a 32 MB MMC card and expandable memory, you’ll have lots of space to be creative.

The Nokia 5140 mobile phone offers enhanced durability and resistance ideal for the sports inspired lifestyle. Equipped with an integrated digital camera, you can take single shots, multi shots and even videos for active images.

The Nokia 5140 also has an integrated digital compass for those explorers out there, plus a fitness monitor to measure the time, distance and calories that you have burnt. Advanced phone features include Java™ technology, stereo FM radio and offers stunning polyphonic ringtones for the latest music.

nokia-6700-silver-o2-payg-d (1)

The Nokia 5140 phone has a built-in digital camera so you can take pictures of your favorite spots and videos of your best adventures. Get in touch with the whole team at once with Push to talk: with one press of a button, everyone can hear you – release the button to hear them talking back. And with enhancements available seperately like like the Nokia Xpress-on™ GPS shell, Nokia Fitness Monitor, and Nokia Activity Handsfree, you’ll be motivated to go further.

VoIP and GPRS technology enable the 5140 to act like a walkie-talkie, with the ability to automatically broadcast your voice to many handsets at once. The Nokia 5140 is the first Nokia phone released with PTT functionality embedded and mobile operators will also need to support the technology.

Motorola PEBL V6 Review – Motorolla V6 PEBL Mobile Phone

Radiating mystery and intrigue, the understated elegance of the Motorola PEBL elevates mobile design to a new level. Created with a smooth oval form and innovative dual-hinge mechanism to open and close the device with one swift, delicate motion, this handset is a true mobile accessory. Its sophisticated look and feel are complemented by discreet hi-tech capabilities including video capture and playback, and Bluetooth® wireless technology*. With chic simplicity, the subtly stylish Motorola PEBL adds a calming convenience to your everyday travels.

Effortlessly Advanced


The essence of the Motorola PEBL is smooth sophistication, so take a deep breath and release yourself from the stresses of complicated technology. Stretching the boundaries of traditional connectivity, this mobile sets itself apart with a unique oval shape, distinctive vertical external display, dual-hinge design and distinctive metal finish.

The Mark of an Artist

Document the colorful world around you by taking advantage of the mobile’s video capabilities –just shoot and send experiences as they happen to family and friends via Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)*. Visual delights continue with an embedded VGA camera for quality still photography, picture caller-ID* and dynamic color display.

Transcending Technology

The feature-forward Motorola PEBL allows you to download data with ease, peruse the World Wide Web and share multimedia files without pause*. Adding expedience to innovation, Bluetooth technology delivers seamless connections to compatible headsets and car kits, while SCREEN3, an innovative technology solution from Motorola, gives you zero-click access1 to news, sports, entertainment, and other premium content directly from your mobile device home screen – no buttons to push, no browsers to launch.


The Motorola V3 Razr Mobile Phone – WOW ! It isn’t very often that we get over excited over new mobile phones as we talk, sleep & think about them all day everyday…..however the Motorola RAZR V3 to give it it’s full title is truly awesome !

The first most striking point is just how thin the Motorola V3 Razr is – just 13.9mm – Supermodels eat (no pun intended) your heart out ! The external finish is brushed aluminium which really makes an impact on the eyes & to the touch……quality at it’s best.

The inside is just as beautiful, from the innovative metallic finishes and use of materials to a truly revolutionary, chemically etched keypad created from a single sheet of nickel-plated copper alloy….cool !

Now, you would naturally presume that because of the radical & innovative design that the Motorola V3 would be suffering in the features dept., right ? Wrong again ! The Motarola V3 Razor is everything that the Motorola V600 was & much, much more.

Impressive ! In brief the Motorolla V3 Razr phone has a camera with 4x zoom – quad band & internal antennae – huge 176 x 220 pixel 65K TFT display – 3D graphics engine – MPEG4 video clips – Bluetooth – Java & 22kHz polyphonic speaker with MP3 ringer support…..You are damn near guarnteed not to be dissapointed or the envy of your friends and family, hold onto this one tight! Simply a must have for all those stylish gadget lovers out there. Truly awesome!

The Motorola V3 Razr Mobile Phone – WOW ! It isn’t very often that we get over excited over new mobile phones as we talk, sleep & think about them all day everyday…..however the Motorola RAZR V3 to give it it’s full title is truly awesome !

The first most striking point is just how thin the Motorola V3 Razr is – just 13.9mm – Supermodels eat (no pun intended) your heart out ! The external finish is brushed aluminium which really makes an impact on the eyes & to the touch……quality at it’s best.

The inside is just as beautiful, from the innovative metallic finishes and use of materials to a truly revolutionary, chemically etched keypad created from a single sheet of nickel-plated copper alloy….cool !

Motorola PEBL V6

Now, you would naturally presume that because of the radical & innovative design that the Motorola V3 would be suffering in the features dept., right ? Wrong again ! The Motarola V3 Razor is everything that the Motorola V600 was & much, much more.

Impressive ! In brief the Motorolla V3 Razr phone has a camera with 4x zoom – quad band & internal antennae – huge 176 x 220 pixel 65K TFT display – 3D graphics engine – MPEG4 video clips – Bluetooth – Java & 22kHz polyphonic speaker with MP3 ringer support…..You are damn near guarnteed not to be dissapointed or the envy of your friends and family, hold onto this one tight! Simply a must have for all those stylish gadget lovers out there. Truly awesome!

Samsung D600

Samsung D600

2 Mega Pixel Digital Camera with integrated flash
Bluetooth technology Enabled
TriBand Network Operation GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
Java Enabled for Java Games and Software applications
Dimensions 96 x 46.5 x 21.5 mm
Weight 99 g
Screen Type – TFT, 256K colors; Size: 320 x 240 pixels
Polyphonic Ringtones
Handset Vibration
Dual speakers
Expandable memory card slot (Transflash upto 512 MB)
Video Caller ID – Assign video clips to numbers and SEE who is calling
More Vibrant Colour Screen (320 x 240 pixels)
Call records – 20 dialed, 20 received, 20 missed calls
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots)
Data Transfer speed 32 – 48 kbps
Messaging SMS, MMS, EMail
Clock; Alarm
TV output
WAP 2.0
MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player
T9 Predictive Texting
USB port
Standard battery, Li-Ion
Standby Time : up to 220 hours
Talk time up to 3 hours
Dimensions : 96 x 47 x 22 mm

Until you look closer the Samsung D600 does not have that many differences to its predecessor the Samsung D500. However, delve deeper and all is revealed.

The Samsung D600 is the big brother to the Samsung D500 realeased at the end of 2004 and a few features have been changed and a few added to give it that extra clout on the mobile phone market.

For starters, Samsung have improved on the Samsung D500’s 1.3 Megapixel camera, installing a huge 2 Mexapixel model in the Samsung D600 handset, giving it far superior picture quality and bringing it in line with other top of the range handsets on the market from its competitors, namely Nokia and Motorola and Sony Ericsson.

A great advantage that Samsung have added is that of an expandable transflash memory slot, enabling additional memory cards upto 512MB to be used to store videos and pictures taken with the Samsung D600 mobile.

Samsung have also improved on the resolution display and the Samsung D600 now features a striking 240 x 320 pixels and 262, 000 colours.

Users have a wide range of connectivity options including Bluetooth, USB and PictBridge support, and there is also now even TV output, so you can watch all your mobile recorded videos on your beloved old box.

With the combined camera enhancements, video recording capabilities, improved screen resolution and colours, the Samsung D600 mobile phone handset packs an almighty punch. An awesome phone with stunning looks and feature rich. Get one while you can.

The Internet has grown from its roots to become a central hub for all manner of free games and other types of content. These games can be found nearly everywhere, from school websites to social networking hubs. There are even sites that specialize in paid downloads of fully commercial video games.


Typically, these games use JavaScript. While most of them have simple gameplays, they can be very enjoyable and fun. Think of Tetri way back then. This popular old-school game didn’t have classy graphics at all. It didn’t even have intricate sound effects. Yet, it’s a fun way to pass time with your friends.

More often than not, online games these days are founded on very easy concept. Sometimes it makes one wonder what’s so special about them that they’re so well-loved by majority of the people. Probably because even if they’re easy to play, they still stir some feeling of competition from the players. For instance, you can run your own virtual farm, grow your own crops, reap and sell to earn enough so that in the end, you can have a farm better-looking than your neighbors.

A lot of online games are easy on the system requirements, making it easy for those who have nothing to do in the office and are stuck with sub-par hardware. It is possible to just leave the game running and check up on it when there’s nothing else to do, though this is hardly advisable if there’s no pause feature included.

You can download free games from tons of websites. What you just need is a web sear for free online games, and the list of websites is limitless. Miniclip is one example that offers applications for Windows, iPhones, Mac, iPads and android mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. You can find free games of all kinds, from action, sports, and children’s games to flash games and so on. Currently, Miniclip has 57 million registered users.

Free online game websites exist because of advertisers. This is the reason why these websites are usually packed with different advertisements. It’s a win-win situation. The websites are able to stay alive, while the advertisers get to reach the market through the web pages.

Free games are definitely fun and addicting. Having said do, they can be very distracting when you’re working. As a result, they become less productive. Hence, it is important that you know when and where to play them. You shouldn’t forget your priorities because of these games.

In any case, it doesn’t really take a complicated game to stir a player’s interest. Sometimes even games as simple as those available online are still equally enjoyable and fun as the rest.